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What do I get?

  • A detailed full page advert
  • Up to 20 HD photos
  • Quick setup
  • Easy to change and manage your advert
  • Online availability calendar
  • Enquiries by Emails and SMS Texts
  • Full control over your bookings
  • Customer support service
  • 12 months advertising
  • All for just 119€+VAT


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Additional Properties

  • With every standard price advert you can create the next 4 adverts for just 39.75€ each
  • There is no limit to the number of adverts you can create

no hidden fees

How does it work?

Setting up an advert for your holiday rental home will only take a short amount of time and is very easy to do, even if you are new to online listings. In order to get started you need to create an account and have the following information ready:

  • Contact information for where you would like to receive your enquires.
  • Details of your property, including the address, amenities and services.
  • Distances, or time to travel, to important places like: airports, beaches, restaurants, etc.
  • Attractive images of your property, which may include surrondings and nearby attractions.
  • A price plan where you can vary pricing for different seasons or periods.
  • Bookings that you already have for your property to update your availability calendar.

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