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Planning your Easter Holidays: Don't think twice, come to Spain! invites you to live one of the most deep-seated celebrations, the Easter holidays which take place in Spain.

This is Easter (Holy Week), a celebration which has centuries of history and tradition, in which Spain remembers the passion and death of Jesus Christ. Participate in a unique celebration that will leave you with unforgettable memories. Every region, every town and village in Spain livesemana santa en leon.jpg (Preview)s these special days of celebration in a unique way.

Easter comes with the arrival of spring, it is one of the most authentic and emotional festivities, and has covered centuries of history in Spain. The streets of most towns and villages become the stage for religious devotion, where you can see soelmn and magical processions, full of music and culture, where the crowds  accompany the religious images following the tradition of ages.

This festival has been part of the peoples imagination for centuries. It is also closely linked with art, this can be seen in the many religious images of Christ and the Virgin, sculpted icons of realism and skill from the XVI century. These exceptional works of Spanish religious art, many of which are more than five centuries old, are carried in the streets to be admired with devotion and respect by thousands of people.

Don’t wait, rent a holiday property through Welcome Worldwide and live a special, diverse and exciting experience:

  • Feel the silence and austerity in Castilla y León in the processions of Salamanca, Zamora, Valladolid and León. Full of simplicity and only broken by the sound of trumpets and drums which follow the passage of the religious figures.
  • Hellín, in the province of Albacete, the highlight is the Tamborada, when the sound of up to 20,000 drums can be not only heard but felt in the Plaza.
  • Easter in Lorca, in the provice of Murcia, is particularly original because you can see enacted all the characters and scenes from the Bible and ancient civilizations.
  • Enjoy the color and joy of thousands of palm leaves that move in the parade of Elche (Alicante).
  • Participate in the many processions of Andalusia, especially those that  are held in Malaga and especially in Seville, a city that lives Easter in a very unique and special way.

The options multiply all over Spain. Rent a holiday apartment or rent a holiday villa with and discover these wonderful traditions which will leave an unforgettable holiday memory forever.



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