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USA (United States of America) is the perfect place to spend an unforgettable holiday, there is so much to enjoy from its vast plains, deep forests, and snow-covered mountains to its soaring skyscrapers in some of the world’s most famous cities. You could take your first ride in a yellow cab in one of its well known cities, grab some food in one of the hamburger joints in New York or just relax and listen to the Jazz in New Orleans or Chicago. If you like the nightlife you could spend some time in Las Vegas and take in a show. USA is such a diverse country that it makes a great holiday destination for everybody.

Rent a beachfront townhouse or villa in Tampa or on Bahia Beach in Florida. Stay in a holiday apartment in one of the amazing cities like New York and see the sites. Enjoy nature at its best, and visit the Grand Canyon National Park or just hire a car and travel around staying in wonderful guesthouses or bed & breakfast.


The United States of America is the third largest country in the world. It has the world's largest economy and is one of the most influential nations. The USA borders both the North Atlantic and North Pacific Oceans and has frontiers with Canada and Mexico. The eastern regions consist of hills and low mountains while the central interior is a vast plain (called the Great Plains region) and the west has high rugged mountain ranges. Alaska also features rugged mountains as well as river valleys. Hawaii's landscape varies but is dominated by volcanic topography. The diversity of the USA allows you to choose from many types of holiday. 


Originally in 1732 the United States of America (USA) was formed of 13 colonies between which tension grew, and eventually led to the American Revolution, which was fought, from 1775-1781. On July 4, 1776, the colonies adopted the Declaration of Independence and following the American victory over the British in the war, the USA was recognized as independent of England. In 1788, the USA Constitution was adopted and in 1789, the first president, George Washington, took office. The USA grew rapidly following its independence, and then the Louisiana Purchase in 1803 nearly doubled the nation's size. The California Gold Rush of 1848-1849 also spurred western migration and the Oregon Treaty of 1846 gave the USA control of the Pacific Northwest.

In the mid-1800s the USA suffered severe racial tensions between the slave states and non-slave states which led to the Civil War and eleven states declared their secession from the union and formed the Confederate States. The Civil War lasted from 1861-1865 when the Confederate States were defeated.

The USA continued to grow throughout the late 19th and early 20th centuries, and remained neutral at the beginning of World War I in 1914. It later joined the Allies in 1917.

Due to the economic growth in the 1920s the USA began to change into a world power, then the economy suffered in 1929 when the Great Depression began. The USA also remained neutral during World War II until Japan attacked Pearl Harbour in 1941, at which time the USA joined the Allies.

Following World War II, the USA economy again began to improve again. The Cold War followed shortly after as did the Korean War from 1950-1953 and the Vietnam War from 1964-1975. Following these wars, the USA economy grew industrially and the nation became the world superpower it is today 


The United States of America’s culture is mainly a Western culture, largely based on British culture with influences from other parts of Europe, the Native American peoples, African Americans and to a lesser extent Asian Americans and other newer groups of immigrants. 

The United States of America is famous around the world for its films and shows. Some of the best places where you can enjoy the USA’s culture are New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Florida, and Las Vegas. There are some smaller areas that have become more popular like Branson, Missouri and Nashville. Most cities in the USA host travelling productions of popular Broadway shows.

The States

There are 50 states in the United States of America, which are:

Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming

The Cities

USA has so many cities to visit, below are just a few of them:

Boston. The cultural and commercial hub of New England, distinguished by its vibrant neighbourhoods which all have their own personality and distinct appeal from the fashionable Back Bay to the oldest, Beacon Hill, to colourful Chinatown, to the historic North End. A stroll around this old city is like reading a history textbook of the USA, you can follow the red line marking the Freedom Trail and come across Boston Common, the Old North Church, Paul Revere's house and Bunker Hill, each stop represents a chapter in United States of America’s history. 
Cape Coral. Is the largest city in Florida, between Tampa and Miami. Rent a holiday waterfront villa in Cape Coral or let a holiday townhouse in Cape Coral with a fantastic sunset view over the Gulf of Mexico.
Las Vegas. A gamblers heaven with outstanding dining, acclaimed shows, exclusive spas and world-class golf courses. Las Vegas is more than just a party city, its close proximity to unique treasures such as Red Rock, Grand Canyon, Colorado River and Death Valley makes Sin City an excellent base for nature lovers and travellers.
Los Angeles. Home to Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Malibu and Sunset Boulevard. Who wouldn’t like to take a ride down Sunset Boulevard in a convertible or watch the sunset on Malibu beach with a glass of Californian Pinot? Besides famous attractions and an intensive nightlife, Los Angeles has great surroundings to explore; you could take a road trip to Santa Barbara and witness the breath-taking beauty of South California.
Miami. The most famous city in Florida, with its art deco architecture, chic restaurants and hot party scene is sometimes referred to as the United States of America’s Riviera with its 10 miles of wide white sandy beaches. Miami has a huge Latin American cultural influence, in some neighbourhoods you could easily forget that you are in USA. If you have never been to Cuba, a short trip to Little Havana in Miami will give you a glimpse of the Caribbean jewel with colourful storefronts and aroma of Cuban coffee and cigars, pulsating Cuban music, art and crafts. If you are feeling adventurous you could take the stunning road to Key West, which is an absolute paradise. Let a vacation villa in Miami or rent a holiday townhouse in Miami.
New York.  If you get the chance it’s well worth a visit, it’s one of the most fascinating cities, not just in the USA but in the whole world.  The Manhattan skyline is absolutely incredible, and the city is a true melting pot of ethnics and cultures. New York is home to so many great restaurants, stores, museums and theatres and all concentrated in a small land area of 23 square miles.
Orlando. Located in the centre of Florida, home to Walt Disney World the largest theme park in the world, it is the most visited recreational resort, and don’t be mistaken it is not only for children, adults have plenty of fun in Disney World as well. Besides the famous Walt Disney World Resort, Orlando is also home to Universal Orlando Resort, and SeaWorld Orlando, which also offers plenty of entertainment, great dining and even museums. The most comprehensive collection of Tiffany art is also in Orlando at the Charles Hosmer Morse Museum. Rent a holiday family villa in Orlando or let a vacation townhouse in Orlando.
San Diego. The jewel of South California with blue skies, a Mediterranean climate, 70 miles of great beaches and Mexican specialties with aquatic parks, aquariums and zoos. A visit to La Jolla is a must for beach lovers, it’s the most magnificent beach on the West Coast offering fantastic surfing, excellent snorkelling and diving, amazing sunsets and beautiful sands. The historical heart of San Diego Old Town is the "birthplace" of California; San Diego was the site of the first permanent Spanish settlement in California.
San Francisco. One of the most beautiful cities in USA, famous for the iconic Golden Gate Bridge, steep hills and trolley cars. With its astonishing bay views, lively Fisherman's Wharf and Chinatown, numerous beautiful gardens and delicious food. You could take a trip to Napa Valley for a glass of wine, enjoying the lovely scenery of the wine country or go to Lake Tahoe, to see “the jewel of the Sierras”, one of the most beautiful lakes in the country.
Seattle. This Emerald City is a real green gem, with a wealth of evergreens, and wonderful views of the Cascade Mountains to the east and Olympic mountains to the west. Mt. Rainier looks down on Seattle from its majestic heights. Driving through Seattle on a clear day has been compared to floating on a cloud in an emerald sky. You could go to the top of the Space Needle and enjoy a panoramic view of the city or have a lunch at a sidewalk café in Pike Street Market and embrace the best of what Seattle can offer – splendid views and the freshest seafood.
Tampa. Located on the west coast of Florida, on Tampa Bay, near de Gulf of Mexico, a spot you can't miss with its long list of attractions—from pristine beaches to world-class museums—it's easy to see why it is the favourite place that many holidaymakers choose to spend their vacations. Rent a holiday villa in Tampa or let a holiday townhouse in Bahia Beach.
Washington DC. The capital of the USA is particularly glorious in spring when its many gardens and parks are in bloom. Also home to the White House where you can take a tour of the splendid gardens and view the Jacqueline Kennedy Garden and Rose Garden. Take a ride to the top of the Washington Monument and see the spectacular views of the city or walk around the cobblestone streets of Georgetown, the city’s most beautiful neighbourhood, which has great restaurants, bars, nightclubs, and shops. Sightseeing is very cheap; most of Washington DC museums and memorials are free.


Outdoor. The USA offers breath-taking possibilities for enjoying the great outdoors, often on a stunning scale: canyons, mountains, national parks, forests, sweeping seashores and coastal highways show off a tapestry of natural beauty.
Water Sports. Due to its sheer size you can find every type of water sports in USA, the fresh blue waters of Lake Tahoe allows you to enjoy all kinds of boating and water sports. You can go diving on Key Largo; they have so many dive sites it is sought after by amateurs to professionals. Waimea Bay in Hawaii in winter has waves that can reach up to thirty feet and is a brilliant place for surfers and those who are lovers of extreme water sports. Florida Keys and Los Angeles are perfect places to find all kinds of water sports like sailing, boating, canoeing and jet skiing.
Fishing. Excellent opportunities for salt water and fresh water fishing throughout the country.
Golf. Many of the world top 100 golf courses are in the USA, it is home to more golf courses than the rest of the world put together; 20,000 courses in total. Its no wonder the USA has so many courses in the World Top 100,  a paradise for a golfing holiday.
Winter Sports. In the USA there are two main areas for skiing, the Adirondack Mountains in the North East, and the Rockies in the west. The Rockies are probably the best place in the world for skiing. North America's "continental" climate provides perfect conditions and most of the famous skiing resorts are situated at a height of over 2000 metres. The best resorts are claimed to be in Colorado and Utah. United States of America's most famous skiing resorts, Vail and Aspen, are in Colorado, where the stars and the rich go for their winter holidays. But the great ski areas of Utah are just as good, with miles and miles of slopes. 
The most popular winter sports in the large flat regions in the middle of USA are snowmobiling, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing and ice-skating. 

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