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Advertise Your Holiday Property For Just 2% Commission On Bookings


Have you noticed how more and more of the revenue generated from your holiday property rental is being absorbed by ever increasing costs? We will not mention the names of some of our competitors but needless to say they have changed and now want a bigger slice of the pie. Also, where some company's initial look to be offering a good deal - only for you to find the hidden charges eating away at your profits again.

At Welcome-Worldwide we fully understand you want your holiday property to be seen by potential holiday renters, but at the same time want to keep your costs as low as possible.

Welcome-Worldwide can provide both.


These are some the benefits of advertising your holiday property on our website:

  • A Detailed full page advert

  • Up to 20 HD photos

  • Quick set-up with 7 steps

  • Easy to change and manage your advert

  • Online availability calendar

  • Google Map locator

  • Customer support service

  • Advertise additional properties under one account

  • Full analytics of how your advert is performing

  • All initial booking enquiries handled by our admin team

  • Only confirmed bookings passed on to you (Once a 10% deposit has been paid)

  • Just 2% commission on bookings

  • £10pa admin fee

How does it all work?

Open an account with Welcome-Worldwide and create your advert page:

After you have created your account you are now ready to go through the 7 step process of generating your advert page. You will be guided each step of the way with easy to understand instructions, but don't worry if you get stuck as our support team are on hand to help.

Photos are very important as these are the best way to attract enquiries, please use high quality images at the correct size. Your advert page can accommodate 20 HD photos for maximum affect.

When writing your advert description please try to build excitement about your property and the surrounding area. You might take it for granted what you have in your area because you see it all the time, but for someone looking to rent your property this is novel or new to them and might be just what they are looking for.

(As an example - I live in the charming village with beautiful country side all around me, it's only when I have been away and come back that I fully appreciate how beautiful it is and why so many people want to come here for holidays.)

Excitement sells...

Advert page approval and admin fees:

Once your advert page has been created it will need submitting for approval.

When your advert page has been approved you will be sent a Pay Pay invoice for your annual admin fee. As soon as payment has been received your advert page will go live on our website.

Analyse your advert pages performance:

As soon as you advert page has gone live you can use the statistics tools to measure the performance of your advert and see if any changes are required. Very rarely will you get the perfect ad first time, small little tweaks and changes can make a big difference.

You can see at a glance how many views your advert has received and how many enquiries have been made.

WWW Advert Views 1.png (Preview)

You can also use the graphs for a more in-depth analyse.

WWW Advert Views 2.png (Preview)

Booking Enquiries:

When an enquiry is made about your property from a potential customer, our admin team handle the first contacts. We filter this enquiry to make sure it is an legit customer and discard any time wasters. When it has been established we have a serious customer who wants to book your property, we will contact you with the requested dates and price.


When the dates and price have been confirmed we will invoice the customer for 10% of the total price as a deposit. (See deposit return T&C and the bottom of this page)

As soon as the 10% deposit has been paid we will pass on the customers details to you. This is now a solid booking and you have not had to deal with any of the time consuming parts of handling enquiries.

When you have the customers details it is then up to you contact the customer and arrange the finer points.

  • Security deposit. (If required)

  • Payment balance (Minus 10% we hold)

  • Payment schedule

  • Arrival times

  • Access to keys

  • Any special requirements

  • Property instructions and house rules

We recommend you request a security deposit from the customer as a way of protecting your property and its contents. Welcome-Worldwide CANNOT mediate in any disputes regarding security deposits. This is between you and your customer. As regards insurance against damage to your property this is your choice, Welcome-Worldwide DOES NOT provide this insurance.

Releasing of the 10% booking deposit:

When the initial booking was made we are holding 10% of the total booking payment.

This payment will be released to you (minus our 2% commission) 24 hours after the customer has arrived at your property.

Example of payments:

We will round the figures up to make it easy to understand.

1 weeks stay at your property - £1,000

Total price £1,000

Customer pays Welcome-Worldwide 10% deposit = £100

Customer owes you 90% = £900

You arrange a schedule with your customer when they should pay this amount.

(We recommend balance payment on arrival by the customer but this is up to up.)

Welcome-Worldwide 2 % Commission

Total price £1,000 minus 2% = £980

Welcome-Worldwide commission £20

£80 sent to you 24 hours after customers arrives at the property.

Total price - £1,000

10% deposit - £100

2% commission - £20

Your amount - £980

In the event that the customer cancels the booking before arrival you will receive none or part of the booking deposit depending on when the customer cancels.

More than 6 weeks before arrival date:

  • Full refund to the customer
  • You receive nothing.

Less than 6 weeks before arrival date but more than 2 weeks before arrival date:

  • 50% of deposit refund for the customer
  • You receive 50% of the deposit
  • £100 deposit 50% = £50

Less than 2 weeks before arrival date:

  • Customer loses 100% of the deposit
  • You receive 100% of the deposit,
  • £100 deposit

I am sure you will agree that Welcome-Worldwide has one of the most competitive (if not the best) deals on the market to advertise your holiday property.

(At a flat rate of £10pa admin fee and just 2% commission on bookings, more of the revenue generated by your holiday property stays with you.)

Additional Properties

  • Advertise all of your properties under one account
  • There is no limit to the number of adverts you can create
  • Individuals or property manages with 10 or more properties can negotiate a bulk advertising discount


What to do Next?

Setting up an advert for your holiday rental home will only take a short amount of time and is very easy to do, even if you are new to online listings. In order to get started you need to create an account and have the following information ready:

  • Contact information for where you would like to receive your enquires.
  • Details of your property, including the address, amenities and services.
  • Distances, or time to travel, to important places like: airports, beaches, restaurants, etc.
  • Attractive images of your property, which may include surrondings and nearby attractions.
  • A price plan where you can vary pricing for different seasons or periods.
  • Bookings that you already have for your property to update your availability calendar.

To create an account enter your email address and click on SIGN UP

The content of you new advertisement page and photos will be checked by one of our admin team members, and they will either approve it or make some amendment suggestions.

As soon as your advertisement page  has been approved, a Pay Pay invoice for the admin fee will be generated - £10 pa for additional properties.

(When payment is received by Welcome-Worldwide your advertisement page will go live.)

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