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On this page you will find very useful information for holiday property owners and holidaymakers. If you can't find the answer you need, remember that you can always contact us. We will be pleased to help you!
 How do I create an advertisement a potential client will trust?

Please remember the potential client is going to pay somebody he or she has never met. Before any contact is established, he or she is aware that they are booking their family holidays without a safety net so it is very important that your advertisement reflects trust.

You can build this by:

  • Creating your advertisement on a professional website.
  • Having the name of a contact person, not a company or nick name on your advert.
  • Showing a telephone number. The renter will probably not call, but it is comforting to know that they can do so if needed. Make sure to write the country code (like 0044) as they might be from abroad.
  • Showing and maintaining your booking calendar so the renter can see that others have booked your holiday property.

When receiving an enquiry:

  • Send a formal booking agreement including all travel, payment and contact information.
  • Always respond to emails quickly, a client may have enquired about more than one property so a quick response will give you the best chance.
  • Always use correct and informative communication, this will build the clients trust in you and your property.
 What sort of photos should I take?

Photos are one of the most important aspects of your advert. They are often the first thing people look at, and are therefore crucial to guiding first impressions of your home. Enticing photos will encourage people to look further into your advert.

When taking your photos we advise the following:

  • Where possible take your photographs on a sunny day with clear blue skies, morning and afternoon sun will give your photographs the best light.
  • Always take your photographs with the sun behind you.
  • Your best photo should be used as your first one in the search listings.
  • Use a flash and open the curtains/blinds when taking indoor photos.
  • If possible take some photos from indoors looking out at the surroundings like the pool, the garden, the beach, etc.
  • Do not add photos which include people, they will be rejected.
  • The photos have to be real, e.g.: must not add a photo of a swimming pool which is not the one on the property you are advertising or renting.
  • It can be an advantage to contact a professional photographer to get the best results.
 What's the best way to describe a property?

When describing your property there is no limit regarding the length of the description, you should always try to highlight the positive sides to your property and location. Write an informative description, not too long and not too short. People need to be informed but don’t want to get bored reading it.

Please do not copy your description from another holiday advert on the Welcome Worldwide Website.

 Should I ask for a deposit when accepting a booking?

The Welcome-Worldwide admin team will noe be handling the initial enquiry with the holidaymaker to make sure the enquiry is genuine. This filters out timewasters and spam enquiries. The holidaymakers details will only be passed on to property owners after they have paid a 10% booking deposit as proof it is a confirmed booking.

  • We will contact you for the requested dates and total price for the booking.
  • An invoice for 10% of the total price will be sent to the holidaymaker
  • As soon as payment has been received the holidaymakers details will be passed on to you
  • You then arrange the balance payment and the finer points of their stay directly with the holidaymaker
  • The 10% deposit (Minus the Welcome-Worldwide 2% commission) is sent to you 24 hours after the holidaymaker arrives at your property.

Welcome-Worldwide is now dealing with the booking deposit. (Please read our Terms and Conditions)


 Should I request a security deposit?

Before asking for a security deposit it is worth considering that it will add one more step in your rental procedures, will cost money in bank transfers and create extra work. It may be worth considering how much a client can break in the property and the chances of them doing so compared to the extra work and costs involved. In our experience generally very little gets broken, if anything they are usually small items like glasses, etc.; which would normally cost less to replace than the cost of returning the security deposit.

 Should I use a booking form?

We recommend you use a booking form, this will make a formal agreement between yourselves and your client and will avoid misunderstandings, it will also help to build trust between yourselves. This can be done via a standard e-mail with a word or pdf document.

 Where may I obtain a sample booking form?

If you advertise on our site you can contact our Customer Service team for a sample booking form. This should only be used as a sample; you will need to add/remove information regarding your own property.

 How long will it take before my advertisement goes online?

Once you submit you advertisement it will be checked by one of our team, then it will go live.

This is usually within 24 hours.

 How do I know if an enquiry is genuine?

We have experienced that some homeowners have been contacted by fraud renters trying to trick money from them.

You should be alerted by any of the following:

  • If the origin of the enquiry is from an unlikely source or location.
  • If the story sounds too fantastic like: "My government sent me on an official assignment", "I work for a Christian organisation", or: "I would like to pay the full amount up front".
  • If the written English is very poor, but very formal.
  • If you receive a cheque with a larger amount than you asked for.
  • If the renter wishes to pay you via "Western Union" or a similar company which is not a bank.
 Will my enquiries go into a spam or junk folder?

To avoid your enquiries going directly into your spam or junk folder you should add to your contacts or white list.

 How can I improve the number of enquiries I am getting?

Normally we generate a good number of enquiries and bookings for our advertisers but this question does arise from time to time. There are a number of factors involved: the number of competitors in your area, rental prices and photos being the main items which will affect response.

If you are not receiving an adequate response, we would first recommend:

  • Looking at the other properties on the list pages for your area and compare your location, facilities and rental prices and ensure that you are competitive.
  • Looking at your photos, are they bright, sunny, sharp and colourful? A swimming pool under a grey sky does not look inviting! Are internal photos uncluttered, showing as much space and light as possible? Think about putting tables, chairs, sun loungers and parasols on your patio or balcony.
  • Also take a look at the description of your property and its location, holidaymakers like to know exactly what they are getting, how far it is to shops and restaurants and the places of interest to visit.
  • You may also like to consider placing a special offer on certain weeks.
 How can I deactivate my advert?

You can deactivate your advert at any time from within your account.

 May I copy the text for my advert from another advert on your site?

We will not activate adverts where the text has been copied from another advert on the Welcome Worldwide Website. The success of our site depends on the variety and unique content of every advert.

 I'm not sure what to write in the description, can you help?

As we have not been to the properties ourselves we are unable to create the text on your behalf. We would suggest you read through some other advertisements of properties in your area to get some ideas.

 Can you help me decide how much to charge for my property rental?

Sorry, we are unable to give any advice on property rental charges.

 May I include a link to my own website?

Yes, you can have a link to your own website, all we ask is that you reciprocate the link (that is, add a link on your own website back to Welcome Worldwide). Once you have added the link onto your website, please e-mail us to let us know on which page of your site you have added the link e.g.:

 Can I pay extra to be listed at the top of the search results?

Our search results are random to ensure the website is fair to all of our owners. Keeping your availability calendar up to date and ensuring your advert stands out is the best way to get noticed.

 Can I make changes to my advert once it has been published?

Of course you can, you can make changes to your advert at anytime from within your account. 

 Why am I not receiving my e-mail enquiries?

You can do some basic checks; first check your e-mail inbox is not full, and second that the e-mail address: is not being deemed as spam by your e-mail server. If you find e-mails from this address in your spam/junk folder then simply add the address to your address book to stop it happening again.

Once you have checked the above you can try sending yourself a test enquiry using the contact form on your advert. Please remember that e-mails can often be delayed, if you do not receive the test e-mail within a couple of hours please contact us and let us know.

 Can I include more than one holiday property in a single advert within my account?

No, if you would like to advertise more than one holiday property you will need to create a separate advert for each holiday property within your account.

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