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EOT Licence – Renting Holiday Properties in Greece and Crete

If you are renting out your holiday property in Greece or Crete for periods of less than three months, an EOT license is needed to do so.

You must remember that it is expensive and is not easy, so we recommend you employ the services of a local professional if you are unfamiliar with the Greek bureaucracy. Obtaining a license can cost 3,000 Euros or more and will be valid for five years, though subsequent renewals will have a minimal cost. A rental holiday property in Greece or Crete with an EOT license confirms that it meets the strict standards of the Greek Tourist Office (EOT).

The rules for obtaining the EOT license vary from one region to another; the following are the most important considerations when making a license application:

  • It is essential that the property specifications are exactly as in the architect's plans and that the minimum measurements for the rooms are respected.
  • If the holiday rental property is located within a complex or in an apartment building, then it is required that all the properties of the complex or the plot have a license. It is not possible to obtain an EOT license only for those properties that are rented out short-term.
  • If the holiday property being let has a swimming pool, the depth and warning marks must be made clearly visible around the swimming pool, if the swimming pool exceeds 1.70 meters in depth then it must have a lifeguard.
  • The rental property must have direct access from a public road.
  • The following NEW RULE will now NOT be enforced until 2014. Once the EOT has been obtained, the MHTE licence number must be displayed on any printed media or website advertising the rental property. Failure to do this can result in a fine of up to 1000 Euros.  On newer EOT licences the MHTE number is written across the top of the licence, those with the older licences need to contact their local EOT office or Rent Rooms Association to obtain their MHTE number. If the holiday rental property does not have an EOT licence and is caught advertising or renting it the penalties are more severe; the owner can face arrest and a court appearance with an even heftier fine. The authorities will be on the prowl, checking out websites (Source EOT Herakli)

Once the above steps have been made, the EOT license can be requested. You must have some architectural and structural plans of the property, which should be prepared by an architect or structural engineer. At this point the holiday property will be assigned with a reference number. The following documents are required prior to licensing the property for short-term rentals:

  • A certificate indicating no criminal record.
  • A certificate of having no outstanding tax obligations.
  • A signed statement of intent to rent the property.
  • A copy of a rental contract or agreement.
  • A certificate of water potability for the property.
  • A certificate from an architect that the plumbing and sewer installation meet official requirements.
  • A fire certificate from the local fire authority stating that the house meets all fire requirements; exits and extinguishers etc.
  • Original and copy of the planning permit.
  • A statement from an architect certifying that the property meets seismic building regulations.

The whole process can take several months to finish, once concluded, the holiday property rental is ready to welcome holidaymakers.

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