Holiday villa ventals - direct from owners

Security Update

As you may already be aware, we are constantly working to reduce the number of spam/scam enquiries being received by holiday property owners.
Below are a few of the recent changes we have made.

spammachine.jpg (Preview)Mass sending of enquiries

We have decided to limit the villas that can be added to favourites to 10, this will limit the number of enquiry emails that can be manually sent at once.

Owners account changes

Report scam – We have added an icon “Mark as scam” next to the list of enquiries within “My account” which can be used to report scams.

The reason for this is that it is not always possible to tell whether an enquiry is a scam from the first enquiry email. Sometimes it takes one or two emails between the owner and the client before it becomes apparent. If you click on the icon “Mark as scam”, the following will happen:

  • scam_buttons.jpg (Preview)The enquiry will be marked and reported as scam but not deleted. The “Mark as scam” icon will change to the “Scam” icon.
  • A copy of the enquiry will be forwarded to the Welcome Worldwide administrators to investigate.
  • The Welcome Worldwide administrators will send an email to all other property owners warning them of the scammer.


Sending of enquiriescaptcha_example.jpg (Preview)

The form that is completed when sending enquiries to the property owners will have Captcha added to it, this will mean the random characters will need to be entered before the enquiry can be sent.

As well as the above changes, we have also introduced some new measures to automatically block scam/spam enquiries but for security reasons we are unable to give the details in this article.  

As always we welcome your feed back on any of area of our website, you can email us with details at



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