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5 Adventurous Holidays For The Whole Family

5 adventurous holidays for the whole family


If your whole family is up for an adventure, that’s great news. It’s an exciting way of making memories with everyone, while staying active and enjoying something a bit different from the average family summer holiday. Make your time with your children count and get involved with something that pushes their boundaries and encourages more confidence.



In fact, there are many benefits of travel for kids. It introduces them to new things, it can provide a learning experience beyond a four-walled room, brings them closer to nature and much more.

If this sounds like something your children would enjoy, think about the following adventurous holidays with your family:


  1. Skiing in the Alps

First up, let’s talk about skiing. Whether you’re all learning together or its just your kids’ first time on the slopes, it’s an amazing – albeit tiring – holiday to share together. Make sure you book lessons for anyone inexperienced on your trip, though – including instructors who are used to working with children.

It’s nice to all spend time together on the nursery slopes, but as your children grow up, you’ll be able to head further up the mountains and onto trickier routes. It’s a holiday you can keep returning to year after year, so their skills will continue rewarding them.




  1. White-water rafting in Slovenia

Slovenia’s landscapes provide the perfect playground for any adventurous family holiday. Focus your trip around the Soca River, and you won’t regret it. Not only is the destination beautiful, you can take rafts down the rapids and go canyoning. Elsewhere, you can hike, bike and even paraglide. It’s no surprise the country has been called Europe’s adventure playground – there’s a lot of fun to be had.


  1. Camping and ranching in the Wild West

If you’re looking to take teenagers on an adventure holiday, why not try the USA? The wild west is sure to inspire and excite older kids, and you can take on tougher adventures, including camping under the stars. There’s a lot to do in this region, including taking in the landscapes of Monument Valley, Bryce Canyon, the Valley of Fire and the Grand Canyon, where you can hike or ride on horseback.

But when travelling in the USA, remember to get insurance, because hospital costs can easily reach up to $10,000 per day.




  1. Safari in Sri Lanka

When you first think of safari, you’d typically think of an African country. But Sri Lanka also boasts amazing wildlife experiences, thanks to the amount of variation in climate and biodiversity you’d typically find across an entire continent. Rainforest safaris are particularly popular, but Sri Lanka has plenty of places for the whole family to see big game safari too, including leopards and elephants. The kids will be telling all their friends about it for weeks.


  1. Northern Lights in Iceland

Last but not least, there’s Iceland. A bit colder than our other suggestions, there’s some unique opportunities – perhaps one of the most popular being seeing the Northern Lights. Typically, the Northern Lights season is from late August to mid-April. In fact, the country is said to be most impressive in winter, when its thermal hot springs, boiling mud pools and geysers are at odds with the rest of the frozen landscape.

You can’t guarantee you’ll see the Northern Lights, though, which might be a tricky thing to explain to younger children. Luckily, there’s no shortage of other amazing things to do – riding Icelandic horses or watching for whales out at sea.



Where have you visited with your family? Share your most adventurous holiday recommendations with us.





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