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5 tricks for staying healthy while pregnant and on holiday

5 tricks for staying healthy while pregnant and on holiday

Travelling whilst pregnant can sometimes be more stressful than needed. Maybe you’ve had this booked for a while, or maybe you’ve nabbed a last-minute getaway to chill out before your bundle of joy arrives.


Whatever it is, we’ve rounded up five of the best ways to stay healthy whilst holidaying pregnant.


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Engage in light exercise


Just because you’re pregnant abroad, doesn’t mean you have to abandon all physical exercise.


While away, there are loads of ways you can stay active. First of all, swimming is a great way to stay healthy and alleviate some of the stress on your body. If you have easy access to a pool, or even better, the sea, spend 30 minutes each day doing some gentle breaststroke – you can reward yourself with a mocktail after!


Try light walking, jogging, or engaging in a bit of sunrise yoga on the beach too, which are guaranteed to make you feel and look as good as possible whilst on holiday.


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Hydration is key


Staying hydrated is even more important when in the heat.


Ensuring you drink at least two litres of water throughout the day will keep you awake and alert, meaning you enjoy your time away even more. It’ll also help keep your skin soft, and prolong that tan!


Make sure you keep a cold bottle on you throughout the day, so you can sip when you feel like it, and add some fresh fruit if you get bored of it.


Try and stay away from tap water on holiday, and opt for cold fresh bottled water instead – this will prevent you from ingesting any nasty bugs.



Be careful with food


We know there are some foods you (sadly) can’t enjoy while pregnant, but this is even more important when travelling.


If you’re ordering salad, make sure you check that it’s not washed in tap water, and if you’re still unsure then avoid it – is it really worth the risk just for the sake of a week or so?


Steer clear of uncooked or cured meats, as well as pâté, and make sure any eggs are fully cooked before you tuck in at breakfast time.


In regards to healthy food, there’s plenty of healthy choices you can make while travelling (but you can also treat yourself to an ice cream here and there!). Enjoy fresh fish (make sure it’s fully cooked), fruit for breakfast and snacks, and plenty of fresh whole grains, such as bread and pasta. Of course, if you’re in Italy this is pretty easy.


Know your vaccines


If you’re heading somewhere tropical, make sure you get all the necessary jabs and vaccines before travelling to keep you and your baby safe.


Make sure you ask your doctor what’s best depending on where you’re off to, and what trimester you’re currently in. For example, if you’re off on safari in a zone known for malaria, meds are approved for all three trimesters. It’s best to have a flu jab, too, especially if it’s a winter holiday.


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Relax, relax, relax!


Yes, it’s the number one reason you’re going on holiday, but it’s important to remember to relax, as it’s vital for both your physical and mental health.


As well as taking time out with a bestseller on the sun lounger, pre-planning your journey so you have as little stress as possible is also recommended. From keeping the correct documents to hand (including any medical docs), to selecting an aisle seat on the flight, it’s all so important to keep you feeling zen from start to finish.


If you’re travelling with your partner, it’s easier to be honest when you need a break, especially during a city break when you’re spending a lot of time on your feet. If you’re with a bigger group, don’t be scared to tell everyone you need a nap, or you don’t feel up to going out one evening – you’re growing another human and this is chill time for you, remember!



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